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A successful collaboration between Audensiel and Cognodata

In early 2023, Audensiel strengthened its position as a multi-specialist in data and artificial intelligence by acquiring a stake in Cognodata. More than a year after this merger, Raul Garcia, CEO of Cognodata and Nicolas Pacault, President of Audensiel, tell us about this collaboration between the two entities.

Raul, can you introduce Cognodata ?


Raul Garcia (R.G) :

Cognodata is the leading company in the application of artificial intelligence to sales and marketing. We specialize in large customer bases like the ones of banking and retail to optimize customer interactions and improve customer satisfaction, cross-selling and retention. We are a large group of motivated data scientists and data engineers that work all over Europe and Latin America from our bases of Madrid and Mexico City.


Nicolas, how was the meeting with Cognodata ?


Nicolas Pacault (N.P) :

First, we decided strategically to make an acquisition in Spain to have synergies with the Iberian region and have a presence in South America. Therefore, we commissioned an investment bank that put us in touch with several companies. During the meetings, there was an obvious feeling with the Cognodata team.


Why did you choose to join Cognodata within the Audensiel group ?


N.P :

We enjoyed meeting a team that has knowledge of the consulting professions. The entire management wanted to be part of the project in the medium and long term with Audensiel. Their Data/AI expertise strengthened the existing offer within Audensiel.  In addition, their subsidiary in Mexico City met our objective of having a presence in South America. Finally, the Solutions/Service Centres offer responded to our strategic development axis to complete our expertise offer.


How is the collaboration between Cognodata and Audensiel going ?


N.P :

Today the collaboration goes very well. Cognodata continues its development and we deploy the business model of technical assistance. This offer strengthens their presence with their current customers and develops new customers in Spain and Mexico. We also hired a person to deploy Cognodata’s solutions to Audensiel’s French and Belgian customers. Finally, Cognodata is driving our new AI Power development platform on which we invest. We see good prospects for development.


Raul, why did you accept to be part of Audensiel group ?


R.G :

Audensiel group is a fast growing digital transformation champion in Europe and is helping us growing faster, giving us access to new markets and allowing bolder investments in key customers. We are also learning from Audensiel business model to be more efficient and increase sales.


What do you like about this collaboration ?


N.P :

Exchanges are fluid with Cognodata. We have in common the same wishes for performance in order to achieve the objective of the Ambition 2026 project to double in size.


R.G :

Audensiel has a very entrepreneurial culture and everyone is very focussed on their objectives. There is a real team cohesion between the business units. Each team goes towards the same development objectives.


What are the development projects for coming years ?


N.P :

The development of Audensiel involves new acquisitions in Spain and Portugal where Cognodata will be the consolidation platform for the Spanish and Portuguese market. In Mexico, we want to accelerate and empower local development with promising opportunities.

Finally, we want to promote the cross-sell of Audensiel customers who could be present in these territories. We also want to encourage the international internal mobility of our resources between Cognodata and Audensiel.


R.G :

We have big ambitions in terms of growth and profitability while at the same time we create the right environment for our team to achieve their professional goals. Our consultants help each other and build friendship relations like being part of a big family. We want to maintain this culture of proximity.

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