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April 21st is World Innovation and Creativity Day.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Innovation has been part of Audensiel's DNA since its creation in 2013. Audensiel has its Lab'Innov composed of a mix of doctors and engineers allowing both to promote creativity but also to find concrete applications. to our research. Our research work is based on scientific monitoring raising issues and technological barriers to overcome. Consequently, our team of doctor-researchers, making up the Lab'Innov, offers research work to the CNRS with, in support, the writing of scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. Our R&D focuses more specifically on the following topics: signal processing, natural language processing, blockchain/security, machine learning, 5G in connected cars.

As part of the World Day of Innovation and Creativity, we would like you to discover some of our employees who make up this Lab'Innov.

Portrait of Adam, Computing Doctoral student

Adam, PhD student in Computer Science

"I did a full course in biology and computer science at Paris Cité University. Today, I am a PhD student at this same university and then I have been working at Audensiel for 3 years. I chose these studies because they link three fields which fascinate me: biology/health, computer science and data analysis. At Audensiel, I work on an internal R&D project called AIDrug. I digitally study the behavior of biomedicines in their production chain, via molecular simulation techniques, in order to create a decision support tool allowing the optimization of these production processes.

My job is exciting and constantly evolving. This allows me to work on very current themes in health."

Amina, R&D project manager

Portrait of Amina, R&D project manager

" I hold a Master 2 in Distributed Networks and Systems. I also hold a Doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering. I chose these studies because I am passionate about research. As an R&D Project Manager at Audensiel, I lead various projects leading to the publication of scientific articles. This job is exciting because it encompasses academic life and business."

Houssam, PhD in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Portrait of Houssam, Robotics & AI PhD

"I did a PhD in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. At Audensiel, I propose R&D projects to take them from the theoretical part to industrial implementation.

This job allows me to keep a technological watch on current areas, and see the realization of the R&D projects on which I have worked.

The interest in innovation and research at Audensiel is significant. In addition, I really feel part of a team. We are all moving forward together for the development of the company."

Sarra, project manager

Portrait of Sarra, Project Manager

"I hold a Master 2 Research and a doctorate in Computer Science. At Audensiel, I develop projects from A to Z: from the innovative idea to developing the target tool through the search for avenues of feasibility and the identification of technological locks.

I love my job because it allows me to be in a constant research process leading to the development of innovative projects.

Indeed, this development of projects within a diversified team allows me to learn continuously. "

Ishaq, Computer science PhD

Portrait of Ishaq, Computing PhD

"I hold a Master's degree in Networks and Distributed Systems and a doctorate in Computer Science. Passionate about technological innovation, my mission is to develop new techniques for the management and analysis of vehicular data.

I love my job because it allows me to offer innovative solutions that make our daily lives easier. "

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