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Audensiel confirms its environmental commitment with trees awarded by Société Générale

As part of the Societe Generale for Trees initiative in partnership with EcoTree, our client Société Générale assigns trees to Audensiel to contribute to the preservation of forest ecosystems.

A sustainable initiative

The Audensiel team is happy to accept these trees by the Société Générale client. This initiative is fully in line with Audensiel’s contribution to global carbon neutrality. Indeed, Audensiel also participates in the regeneration of the French forest and the preservation of its biodiversity in partnership with EcoTree.

The benefits of this action

This initiative contributes to the reforestation of a 21 ha plot in the forest of Launay Guen in Brittany. Different tree species are planted including maritime pines, Sitka spruce and thujas plicata. These species help to diversify the population and develop local biodiversity.


Thanks to the Societe Generale for Trees team for this committed and environmental award.


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