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PI-ecolo: a project with impact

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The team of our Lab'Innov worked on a project in a CSR logic.

Illustration of economic, social and environmental process

An obvious observation

On the one hand, the number of businesses in cities has exploded considerably in recent years. On the other hand, the number of orders on the internet has also increased with 10M per day.

Today, order delivery is fast and accurate.

Our PI-ecolo project to initiate a transition

Physical Internet for ECOlogical LOgistics (PI-ecolo) aims to create a dynamic, automated and inter-connected supply chain (IoT) on a shared global logistics network (PI-Internet).

This project makes it possible to respond to two main challenges, making us part of an eco-responsible chain:

- Economic profitability

- Sustainable development

Our Lab'Innov

The research activities of the Audensiel Lab'Innov team aim to analyze human behavior from video streams, at the crowd and individual levels.

The team develops motion and appearance models for the detection, tracking, and recognition of objects and people, the analysis of events and activities, and the recognition of affective states.


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