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 The professional equality index 
at Audensiel

At Audensiel, diversity is an asset. Since the creation of the company in 2013, we have been committed to equal opportunities. We strive to allow our "bassador" employees to evolve daily in an inclusive work environment. This is why we have made it our raison d'être: "To facilitate access to digital uses and professions in order to contribute to a fairer and more inclusive society." »


In accordance with the provisions of the "professional future" law of September 5, 2018, for 2022 Audensiel has recalculated its gender equality index and obtained a score of 93 points out of 100 again for all employees of the Audensiel group in France. 

This score is the accomplishment of the work carried out for the professional equality of the "en'bassadors"  Audensiel.


We continue to carry out our actions with regard to professional equality, the well-being of our employees and parenthood in order to always improve.


This Index, common to all companies, was created by the Ministry of Labour. It makes it possible to calculate the pay gap and to identify any points for improvement and the levers on which the various players in the company can act to advance equality.


The Index, out of 100 points, is calculated from 5 indicators. The sum of the results obtained by the company for each of these indicators gives a score out of 100.


Our index is composed according to the following 5 indicators:

·   the pay gap between women and men, at comparable positions and ages

·   the difference in individual increase rates, excluding promotion

·   promotion rate gap

·   the percentage of employees increased on their return from maternity leave

·   the number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest earners

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