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Welcome to your AI Power

Accelerate your development with AI Power, the artificial intelligence offering based on innovative solutions.  


Considering AI Power for your business ?
Looking to introduce your teams to AI ? 

Audensiel accompanies you to start your artificial intelligence projects.

Artificial Intelligence is an exceptional opportunity for business productivity and efficiency. Audensiel has developed AI Power to offer you an innovative and tailor-made approach to capitalize on this opportunity. 

Our offer is based on:
  • democratisation to present technology and its use to your company stakeholders
  • case studies to provide you with feedback
  • the establishment of a team of experts to support you in your future with artificial intelligence

AI, the potential for change

At Audensiel, we believe that AI presents a real development opportunity and can become a complementary force.

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence must be integrated into business processes and information systems.

Audensiel already offers targeted solutions with its team of Cognodata experts.


An advanced, customizable and scalable omnichannel communications service focused on sales and customer experience.


Expert service in Analytics and Machine Learning to prioritize commercial and operational actions.


A management tool powered by artificial intelligence and marketing automation, designed and developed specifically for business acquiring.

Expert and tailor-made support

This support, supported by an AI expert team of Audensiel, allows any company to pass the course of artificial intelligence, a technology that brings value.

The recognized technical expertise of our team will best support this evolution and adapt it to the business uses of your company. 

At Audensiel, artificial intelligence has been at the heart of our research and development projects for several years. This technology is now also concretely embedded in our offers to serve the development projects of our customers.

Nicolas Pacault, President of Audensiel


Revolutionize your business with AI Power by Audensiel

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