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Saad gives a springboard to his career as Project Management Officer at Audensiel

Saad shares his journey and new experience in the rail sector with Audensiel.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

I am a Project Management Officer (PMO) with a railway company. I give myself every means to achieve my goals both in my professional and personal life. Finally, I am passionate about football.

If you had to describe your job in three words, what would it be ?

Management, coordination and organisation.

Indeed, the job of PMO is to manage projects in the rail sector and control costs. Concretely, for each project, there is a dedicated budget and it is necessary to follow the different key stages of the project.

What is your professional background ?

After a Master marketing strategy, I started my career as a Project Manager in operational marketing. I continued my career in cross-functional project management. Since 2023, I have been at Audensiel as an PMO for global project management.

What project are you the proudest of ?

The rail sector is new to me. Learning how it works has been a challenge. This PMO position is a real springboard for me to learn new skills. Therefore, I am proud to rise to this new challenge as an SDA.

What do you like about Audensiel ?

I appreciate the proximity management with a good follow-up from the managers and the integration path. I take this opportunity to thank Joaquim, my manager who welcomed me at Audensiel. He is always listening and he allows me to work in the best conditions. I feel a real human value.

What would be your advice for a new employee ?

I advise him to be ready to learn, to know how to adapt and be force of proposal while remaining oneself. Indeed, people and initiative are valued at Audensiel.

If you were to take three objects to a desert island, what would you take ?

I’ll take a football, a survival kit and a phone.

What’s the best part of your day ?

It’s just before sleep. I’m serene when I know I’ve had a productive day.


Do you also want to join a company where it is good to work ?

Do like Saad and join our teams now


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