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Amira and Fatma, Doctors within the Lab'Innov are committed to the association Elles bougent

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

On March 23, 2023, Amira and Fatma, Doctors at the Audensiel Lab'Innov and Sponsors at our partner association Elles bougent, participated in the Innovatech Challenge in Lille to reflect on an innovative project with high school students on the theme of artificial intelligence and sustainable city.

Amira and Fatma share with us their experience of this challenge

How was the meeting with the young people you worked with during the Innovatech Challenge ?

Amira and Fatma :

The challenge went well, it was a great opportunity that allowed us to meet and work with the girls all day long. We were inspired by their creativity and enthusiasm.

Can you tell us about the project you developed during this challenge?

A & F :

We have been working on a project in the field of sustainable cities. The project consists in developing an application that allows farmers to offer their local products to consumers. In addition, when delivering these products, farmers can recover compostable waste.

How did you organize your work with young girls for the realization of this project ?

A & F :

We began by working together to clarify the project’s objectives and requirements. Then we divided the tasks into teams according to their skills and interests.

We have opted for close collaboration and open communication to facilitate the exchange of ideas and problem solving.

How was the team work ?

A & F :

We worked in a collaborative environment where everyone had a clear and specific role to play based on their skills and interests. The atmosphere was friendly. At the end of the day, we’ve been able to come up with an innovative app that meets the needs of farmers and consumers while being environmentally responsible.

Fatma, this is the second time you have taken part in this challenge. What do you remember from this experience and what are the differences with the 2022 edition ?

My participation in the Innovatech 2022 Challenge was extremely rewarding and enjoyable, which prompted me to register again this year. This year, I noticed an increased attendance with a greater diversity in terms of participant profiles. In addition, I have seen a shift in the topics discussed and the projects proposed, showing a trend towards diversification and adaptation to new technological trends. The organisers also made significant improvements in the organisation, logistics and rules of the challenge, making the experience more fluid and enjoyable.

In terms of my own learning, I took advantage of my first experience to gain confidence and improve my performance during my second participation.

Amira, what did you learn from this first experience at the Innovatech Challenge 2023 ?

During this challenge, I saw how inspiring their creativity and energy were. Working with them also helped me understand the importance of communication and collaboration to achieve the goals. I also realized the importance of diversity in a team because each girl brought unique skills and perspectives. Finally, this challenge reminded me of the value of innovation and sustainability in today’s world.

Innovatech Challenge, an action within the framework of a partnership with the association Elles bougent

Since 2022, Audensiel has been involved in the Innovatech Challenge, which allows young high school students to develop an innovative team project with engineers. This involves skills such as creativity and public speaking.

Audensiel is a partner of the association. This association carries out actions with young girls to promote the scientific and tech professions with the support of sponsors and relays.

About Lab’Innov of Audensiel

Our "Lab'Innov" has about twenty PhD researchers specialized in data & AI, image and signal processing, natural language processing, Blockchain/security, Machine Learning and 5G in connected cars. This is about 15 projects currently processed and more than 10 publications in scientific journals per year.


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