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Audensiel is committed to the representation of women in tech

Women are under-represented in digital professions but the sector is changing. According to the DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index), 18% of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) specialists in Europe are women. France is slightly above the European average with a representation at 20%.

Towards a feminization of digital specialists

Europe has launched its action programme for the digital decade for Europe’s digital transformation based on 4 pillars: skills, infrastructure, business, government. The goal is to increase to 20 million ICT specialists employed in the EU by 2030 with a larger share of women in digital professions.

The society promotes gender equality in all areas including digital. This sector is increasingly attracting women because it offers, among other things, work agility (hybrid model with remote), pay equity between women and men.

Our commitment to women in tech

In our digital transformation business, 32% of our workforce is women. In 2023, the ratio of monthly fixed earnings between men and women is 1.01 in favour of women. Audensiel has concretized these commitments with the calculation of the index of professional equality women men : 93/100.

Finally, Audensiel is committed to promoting digital professions to the female public with the association Elles Bougent. Indeed, our employees are involved as mentors and relays by intervening with high school and student in order to strengthen diversity in the innovation and digital sectors.

Amira, PhD in Computer Science at Audensiel shares her job with us

Hajer, Doctor/Project Manager at Audensiel shares his vision of the business and his values

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