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Green code, positive impact development

According to ADEME, digital represents about 2.5% of France’s carbon footprint. So when it comes to developing a project, experts think about it responsibly. Part of the Green IT movement, the Green Code is the new way to develop.

What is the Green code?

It brings together the components to develop a sustainable project. In order to have a positive impact, developers focus on the essentials. Let’s take the example of designing a website. To avoid «digital overweight», the developers will think about the weight of the images, the number of pages on the site, the user journey to minimize the number of requests, the minimum use of media, the choice of servers powered by «green» sources.

Why do green code?

The choice of a more responsible code is to preserve our resources and our planet.

When we start coding, it’s important to ask the right questions like what features are really useful?

With the green code, we choose a site/application that is less cumbersome and therefore less resource and energy intensive.

Indeed, by focusing on the essentials, the tool becomes more accessible, reaches more people and its impact is more positive.

Important points to remember:

-  Ensure our application/site is accessible to all

-  Focus on simple formats, resulting in lighter code

-  Only load the resources we need


Audensiel supports its clients on their digital transformation projects, from project management to Agile method by taking into account environmental, social and economic issues.

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