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PIecolo, a suitable solution to economic and ecological challenges

Audensiel, a player in digital transformation, presents its PIecolo concept, developed by Lab'Innov, to meet current economic, societal and environmental challenges. PIecolo is the solution that optimizes the delivery of goods in cities, via a shared global logistics network. It proposes to establish a dynamic, autonomous, and connected supply chain (IoT) that fits into the world of industry 4.0 and smart cities.

How does PIecolo work ?

The development of digital technology and artificial intelligence is transforming the logistics and supply chain professions. PIecolo is designed to support this transformation. It proposes to combine new technologies with the use of machine learning techniques in order to solve problems of product transport optimization : vehicle routing, planning, inventory management, etc.

Our Lab'Innov

Our team of doctor-researchers, making up the Lab'Innov, offers research on signal processing, natural language processing, blockchain/security, machine learning methods as well as 5G in connected cars. Lab'Innov is committed to putting technology and innovation at the service of people.


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