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Audensiel recruits more than 50 engineers for 2024 in Canada

Audensiel is a multi-specialist player in digital transformation, after establishing offices in Europe. Elisa, Head of the Canadian subsidiary, shares her experience and development objectives for the coming months and year.

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Elisa. I am now in charge of the commercial development of the agency, the recruitment of new talent and management.

Can you tell us about Audensiel’s development in Canada?

Initially, we had to adapt our model to the country because the practices are different from a commercial, legal and HR point of view. My experience in France allowed me to approach Canadian life well but the way of working is completely different. In companies, the principle of hierarchy is less present and to succeed, the network is essential. In addition, there is no notion of tripartite mission monitoring between the manager, the client and the employee, as is the case in France. The professional relationship is between the manager and his employee on one side and the manager and his client on the other.

Today, we are looking for solutions experts, security architects, Cloud engineers, Data Automation Testers, DevOps, QA, Cyber engineers, Data engineers with a goal of growth of more than 50 profiles by 2024.

What motivated you to go to Canada?

I wanted to live an experience to combine learning a culture across the Atlantic and my work. Canada offers fulfilling career opportunities with a pleasant quality of life.

What do you like about your Canadian adventure?

Canada is a peaceful country where life is good. Well-being and privacy are respected. In addition, my work is recognized and allows me to succeed in this country. Finally, I am a fan of outdoor activities. As soon as I get out of the city, I can enjoy the great natural spaces and enjoy them.

Looking for a new challenge in Canada, find our job offers on our website:


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