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New AGDrone innovation project

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Our Lab'Innov team is currently working on a trajectory planning project using Deep Learning.

Illsutration of autonomous cars

The objectives of this project are the establishment of a trajectory tracking algorithm by combining two innovative technologies: Deep learning and MPC (Model Predictive Control) and the application of the approach for the control and tracking of trajectories of autonomous vehicles.

Deep Learning or deep learning is an artificial intelligence derived from machine learning (automatic learning). This technology allows the machine to learn by itself.

MPC technology uses a dynamic model of the process inside the controller in real time. This makes it possible to anticipate the future behavior of the process.

Our Lab'Innov

The research activities of the Audensiel Lab'Innov team aim to analyze human behavior from video streams, at the crowd and individual levels.

The team develops motion and appearance models for the detection, tracking, and recognition of objects and people, the analysis of events and activities, and the recognition of affective states.


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