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SIRSBot: the smart chatbot

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Our Lab'Innov team has developed a chatbot project capable of interpreting audiovisual data.


An interactive process

SIRSBot is a chatbot that processes a textual question in image format with NLP (Natural Language Processing), Deep Learning and image processing technologies in order to transmit a textual answer to the user.

The prospects for this project are to optimize the performance of the proposed algorithms.

The SIRSBot project has enabled our team to publish articles in the ICIKS (International Conference on Information and Knowledge Systems) conference books and the IJKBO (International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations) journal.

Our Lab'Innov

The research activities of the Audensiel Lab'Innov team aim to analyze human behavior from video streams, at the crowd and individual levels.

The team develops motion and appearance models for the detection, tracking, and recognition of objects and people, the analysis of events and activities, and the recognition of affective states.


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