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Audensiel wins two awards for the SIRS-Bot project

On June 24, 2024, Audensiel won the AI category prize and the special jury prize for its SIRS-Bot project, led by Nawel, PhD at the Lab'Innov in Audensiel, at the Top Tech ESN 2024 trophies in Paris.

SIRS-Bot, an innovative project with a positive impact

The SIRS-Bot project is an intelligent medical chatbot for diagnosis. Its vocation is to propose diagnoses according to the information collected during the conversation. In a context where our healthcare system is overloaded with long delays to find an appointment, SIRS-Bot intervenes before an appointment to analyze the patient’s symptoms. Thus SIRS-Bot is able to save the doctor time. This intelligent tool becomes a facilitator of the patient-doctor relationship to provide a pre-diagnosis.

Artificial intelligence for the medicine

SIRS-Bot is mainly based on generative artificial intelligence as well as image recognition by artificial intelligence. It seemed important to us to allow our medical chatbot to analyze various types of data including medical images to answer the patient’s questions in a personalized way. Thus, with all the data collected, SIRS-Bot is able to identify the patient’s pathology and provide useful advice, such as the address of a doctor who has successfully treated similar cases, recommendations for further enlightening analyses, or information on the latest advances in the identified disease.

Audensiel’s Lab'Innov, technology and innovation for people

Our team of PhD researchers, part of Lab'Innov, offers research on signal processing, natural language processing, blockchain/ security, machine learning methods and 5G in connected cars.


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