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Audensiel’s team in Canada is committed to the poorest with Bouffe Action

Elisa, responsible for the development of Audensiel in Canada, volunteered with the Bouffe Action association of Rosemont in December 2023 for people in need of food in the Rosemont district of Montreal. As part of Audensiel’s CSR approach, this action meets our social commitments.

Photo credit : Montréal International

Can you tell us about Bouffe Action de Rosemont and Audensiel’s commitment to this organization?

Bouffe Action is an association that has existed since 1991. Rosemont is a neighbourhood in Montreal, hence the name “Rosemont”. Their mission is food security. Their goal is to ensure that everyone in the neighbourhood has greater food autonomy. Concretely, the association collaborates with chain stores in Montreal to recover unsold food. If these foods are not damaged, the association will directly offer them to the beneficiaries. If the food cannot be stored, the association will use it to make meals in its own kitchen. These meals will then be offered to beneficiaries who can move or deliver home by bike to people with reduced mobility in need.

In addition, within the association, a team offers cooking workshops to learn how to cook better economically.

During one morning, two groups of volunteers intervened. The first group, of which I was a member, was dedicated to cauliflower management. Our goal was to check the condition of the food and repackage it. The second group was in the kitchen preparing the food.

How did you take part in this adventure ?

I work with Montreal International and their goal is to boost the economy of their region by supporting foreign companies in their development in Canada. Each year, Montréal International offers an association intervention to these new members. It is only natural that Audensiel accepted this mission with Bouffe Action.


Why did you choose this commitment with Bouffe Action de Rosemont ?

When Montréal International presented me this volunteer activity, I did not hesitate and I was immediately ready to take part in the project.

I learned a bit about the association before going but I really discovered the organization and workshops on the day.


What did you like about this action ?

I appreciated the mission of the association which is to provide food for people in difficulty. I was touched by the commitment of the people I met within the association.

In 2023, Canada was hit by rising rates and the economic crisis. As a result, Bouffe Action has observed a clear increase in people in need coming to the association. Indeed, before, the association intervened more with the homeless. Today, the association also welcomes people who can no longer feed their families properly. However, even if the number of beneficiaries increases, the number of donations does not necessarily increase proportionally. Despite the difficult situation, the teams are optimistic.

Also, the welcome was pleasant. I felt integrated into the association’s teams. Finally, satisfaction arrived at the time of the assessment. Officials told us that our work resulted in 1,000 meals over 3 days.


What actions do you want to develop in this approach for Audensiel in Canada ?

Now that Audensiel has been established in Canada for a year, we want to develop our associative actions for 2024 with organizations in accordance with the commitments of our employees. 


Thank you to Elisa for her commitment during this mission with Bouffe Action of Rosemont.

Do you also want to become a volunteer of the association ?

It’s very simple, sign up on the association’s website :


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