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Audensiel confirms its position as European leader in digital transformation with the acquisition of Omnilog

With a team of 300 employees in 3 agencies (in Île de France, Nouvelle Aquitaine and Rhône-Alpes), Omnilog supports its customers in the Digital Factory and DevOps businesses, designing and developing cloud-based applicationsAdvanced native for complex environments. Omnilog has a portfolio of around 60 prestigious and long-standing clients in strategic industries such as media, sports, retail and energy. Omnilog also reinforces the group’s proven competence in the organization and management of Service Centres. Audensiel thus reaches a critical size as an expert in digital transformation across the entire value chain in France.

For more than 10 years, Audensiel has built a solid reputation in the consulting and digital transformation market. The acceleration of the digitalization of companies has enabled Audensiel to post double-digit growth since its creation supported by its partners Sagard and Capza.

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