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Audensiel takes part in Quality of Life at Work Week

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Wellness workshop for our employees

As part of Quality of Life at Work Week, Audensiel offered its employees the opportunity to take part in an ergonomics workshop led by well-being specialist Anajayati.

During this workshop, our employees were able to understand the simple principles of adjusting and arranging the workstation to avoid unnecessary pain and fatigue associated with prolonged computer work. They were also able to learn how to organize their workstation in order to improve their posture at work.

In fact, 15% of employees are affected by musculosqualetal disorders (MSDs) in France. This population is mainly affected by back pain, tendinitis of the wrist, elbow or shoulder, and blood vessel disorders in the legs.

As part of our CSR approach, the well-being of our employees is important. We consider that a happy employee works better. This is why Audensiel chose this QLW week from June 20 to 24, 2022 to carry out its first Ergonomics workshop. Well-being at work is a factor of health, inclusion and performance.


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