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Audensiel will participate in the CSR & Innovation event of Comité Richelieu

Audensiel will be present on June 28, 2022 during the CSR event organized by Comité Richelieu to discuss innovation as a lever for the implementation of CSR objectives.

During this event, six experience-sharing workshops between SMEs and large groups will be held to better understand its CSR approach.

The aim of this event is to produce a good practices guide for carrying out the appropriate CSR policy with the right tools for start-ups, SMEs and ETIs.

As a company with a mission, Audensiel has built its CSR approach around six main themes : environment, social and human rights, ethics, responsible purchasing, societal and diversity.

In response to these themes of our CSR approach, Audensiel has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact since February 2022.

A CSR exchange workshop to identify commitments and opportunities

Stéphanie Pétillot, HRD at Audensiel, will take part in workshop 1 on the impact of CSR on access to customers and on relations between customers and suppliers. During this workshop, various questions and discussions will be addressed on the CSR conditions set by customers in relations with their suppliers :

"- Why do customers go down this path with their suppliers?

- What are the consequences of this approach?

- Is the situation still tenable for suppliers who themselves have several customers who can issue injunctions that are sometimes difficult to reconcile?

- What are the links between the CSR commitments made by suppliers and the commitments made by their customers on their side?


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