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Data Architecture, an essential structure for the exploitation of a company’s data

Where before an enterprise decision-maker had to request its IT department to obtain exploitable data, today it can easily access data in the structure provided for this purpose.

What is the purpose of a Data Architecture?

This architecture allows each team to meet a business need while helping them make sense of the data. A reliable data architecture ensures that data is usable throughout its life cycle.

Therefore, with this architecture, the data are accessible to both strategic and technical teams promoting the collaboration of these two expertise.

A data architecture allows to anticipate a strategy to lead towards the growth of the company.

Finally, a data architecture makes teams more agile by disseminating complex information and data accessible to all. This is why data must be qualified as a shared resource. Data Architecture provides an overview of the organization’s data. However, in this shared set, security is an essential point with data access rules and controls.

Data Architecture in the face of emerging technologies

Data Architecture must be able to rely on artificial intelligence, automation and IoT to pursue an innovative approach.

The advantages of the Cloud must be able to take advantage of Data Architecture to gain agility and performance in a completely secure environment.

Audensiel supports companies throughout the data processing value chain.

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