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Mathilda, tech expert at Audensiel and committed representative for equality

Audensiel is a partner of the «Model of equality» event that will take place on November 4 in Alençon. Our collaborator, Mathilda, will represent the Poitou-Charentes region. She shares with us her commitment to endometriosis.

Vote for the representative of the Poitou Charentes region. Know that of the 1€, 0.5cts will be donated to the association supported by Mathilda.

Mathilda, can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

I am 23 years old and I am an engineer in the insurance sector at Audensiel for 1 year. On my free time, I like to practice horseback riding, take care of my animals and enjoy my family.

You are participating in the “Model of Equality” contest. Can you tell us about this event ?

Yes. This Model Equality contest is a Miss and Mister Committee without criteria that is committed to equality between men and women. Everyone can compete for a cause and get a regional title. This committee was created in 2021. Therefore, I am participating in the 3rd edition this year. The 2023 event will take place on November 4 near Alençon.

What cause do you support for this event ?

I support the fight against endometriosis. I chose this cause because I am affected as closely as possible. A member of my family is affected by this disease. Naturally, it was important to me to support this cause.

How should you prepare for this event ?

So before the national, I have to contact a local newspaper, find partners, make my outfit for the event. I also practice catwalks and eloquence.

Indeed, during the event, we will be judged on our way of walking, our general culture and our way of speaking. On November 4, I will be giving two speeches. The first will be a keynote address and the second will be on the cause I support.

How did you come up with the idea of participating in this event ?

It turns out that the Committee contacted me directly via my Instagram account. So I was able to apply for the regional title Poitou-Charentes. I did several interviews. Today, I represent my region in the national competition.

What message do you want to convey by participating in this event ?

I really want to make endometriosis known. Participating in this type of event makes it possible to educate a large number of people about this cause that affects me. Indeed, even if the media talk about this disease, it remains little known to the general public. In my opinion, it is important to take advantage of these events to talk about them.

Finally, I am happy to wear the colors of my region and to discover it.

Thanks to Mathilda for her contribution to this interview. The whole Audensiel team wishes her good luck for the contest.

What is endometriosis ?

Endometriosis is a chronic gynecological disease in which tissue from the uterus is deposited in other organs of the body. The origin of this phenomenon is still little known. It causes pain and fertility problems. There are medical treatments that suppress menstruation and therefore relieve affected patients. In addition, endometriosis surgery offers the possibility of eliminating problematic tissues. However, the goal is not to cure endometriosis but to reduce pain and/or treat infertility. Each patient should be treated according to the severity of the symptoms and take into account the desire or not of pregnancy.

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