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Our employees, pentesters, cybersecurity pros, for a day

The first CTF (Capture The Flag) of the Audensiel Cyber Business Unit gathered several participants and gave rise to a fierce competition, on November 3, 2023.

In pairs, our participants were able to test their skills and measure themselves against each other in order to solve the different challenges that were proposed to them.

CTF, a structured cyber work environment

During this CTF on the theme of intrusion tests, participants put themselves in the shoes of a pentester (computer services controller) to perform intrusion tests of a «black box» nature. In this case, the pentesters had to find the flaws by having only the IP address of the target.

Composed of 5 exercises, participants had to use several means to break the i.e. port scans, brute force attacks, SQL injections, Local File Inclusion or WAF (application firewall) detections, etc.

The pentesters participants had to do everything to find solutions following the detected flaws by using the tools available such as the nmap tool for port scans.

“It was fun and informative,” says Eleonore, a participant at the CTF event.

Tristan, another participant, completes «It was great to have a new challenge. The tests were well thought out and the virtual machines made things easier.”

See you in 2024 for our next CTF event.


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