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Sales management tool for 2WA agents[1]

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

By Lucie, Data Analyst at Audensiel

Context and objectives

As part of the support for young agents in the sale of insurance contracts, we have set up a management tool to allow them to follow the evolution (new customers, contracts, etc.) and the quality of their customer portfolio. This tool also allows them to follow the effectiveness of their commercial dynamics.

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Before implementing this tool, agents used an Excel file requiring tedious re-entry. They also had several management tools but dispatched according to need: a tool for the remuneration part, a tool for contracts, another for the annual report, etc. As a result, they had no real management tool allowing them to measure and manage their activity over time.

The objective here was to standardize and centralize the management tools, to rationalize the reports and the existing files but above all to simplify the production of the management indicators to monitor their activity as well as possible.

How the solution works

The choice of tool fell on Power BI, which is a "Data Visualization" solution oriented towards business users.

It has been broken down into several pages:

- The "Summary" page representing the real-time view of the overall data of the portfolio (number of customers, contracts in progress, contracts terminated, etc.)

- A "Production monitoring" page consisting of an overview of the remuneration over a given period and its evolution over the previous year

- The "Portfolio analysis" page designed to analyze the breakdown of the portfolio (socio-professional categories, age, etc.)

- A “Volume of activity” page made up of indicators related to the work of the portfolio (number of initial interviews, regularization interviews, concluding interviews, double CO[2], etc.)

- And finally the "Portfolio quality" page allowing them to access the detailed list of customers and contracts but also to analyze their different rates (duplicates, indeterminate, percentage of completeness of customer information, etc.)

The data represented in these different pages comes from different sources (Salesforce, A2POnline, etc.) that we retrieve via business views created upstream of our Datalab[3].

As a security measure, we have implemented dynamic security allowing people connected via their professional account to see only their figures. This security has been extended from the agents to their respective inspectors to allow them to follow the progress of each portfolio, but above all to improve the quality of the latter, and to prioritize with the agent the work of the portfolio and the customers to be called. .

The tool put in place since September 2021 now allows them to independently access a daily dashboard on which they can monitor all the indicators allowing them to improve the quality of their customer portfolio.

For further

Following the success of this solution, the agents requested the creation of a tool also accessible to their employees, to enable them to more easily manage all the portfolio quality part seen previously. The objective here is to be able to access data sources directly from this new reporting to modify and/or supply missing data, for example.

To go further, we are also working on a dashboard for Inspectors which will aim to centralize the monitoring of their agents by consolidating the data retrieved in the commercial management tool, business data present in other tools/sources of data but also to follow new indicators of commercial productivity.

Want to know more ?

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[1] Wealth and Welfare Agents

[2] Past interviews with the supervision of the inspector [3] Environment to access source data


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