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Audensiel reaffirm its commitment with the signature of the Diversity Charter

As part of the partnership with the association Les Entreprises pour la Cité, Audensiel confirms its commitment to diversity by signing the Diversity Charter for the third consecutive year.

We confirmed this signature on October 26, 2023 at the closing of the Tour de France de la Diversité, led by Les Entreprises pour la Cité.

Audensiel leads a CSR approach with actions driven by a purpose oriented towards diversity and inclusion.

Among other things, our HR teams are trained in the fight against discrimination in hiring. All our employment opportunities are open to all by promoting diversity and equal opportunities.

As part of our partnership with the association les Entreprises pour la Cité, our employees work with young people to promote IT professions and their feedback on their academic career. In addition, they participate in CV coaching workshops to support refugees in their job search and reintegration into the market.

Learn more about our CSR approach in our 2023 report available here :


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